Amateur Racing Info


Amateur race results can be found HERE.
ATV National results can be found HERE.


Most of our regular amateur races are AMA and District 14 sanctioned. Unless otherwise noted in the event details, all riders must be AMA members; all Michigan residents must be District 14 members.

  New member?  You’ll get an AMA number right away.  AMA members can register and fill out eWaivers for our races this year.
JOIN OR RENEW DISTRICT 14 ONLINE!  Bring your printed receipt or just show us on your phone.



Three ways to handle the required Minor Consent form:

  1. Register online for each event.  Parents can complete the online waiver and will not have to fill out a waiver at the track. Note the a parent must stay at the event with the minor.
  2. If you don’t register online, a parent or legal guardian MUST come to registration, complete a minor release form, and stay for the event. Do not use the consent form below if your parent will be attending.
  3. If you don’t register online and a parent or legal guardian cannot attend, you can download the form below, have your parents sign and have it notarized, and bring it to registration. We recommend having another form notarized giving another adult permission to authorize medical treatment if necessary.



AMA RulesDistrict 14 Rules

District 14 Classes

Note: In addition to the D14 classes, we typically offer the following non-points Beginner classes.  On the big track:  Open D.  On the 50 track: 50cc Wobbler, 65cc Beginner, 85cc Beginner.  If the 50cc Open class is racing on the big track, we’ll also offer a 50cc Open Non-Points on the 50 track.

For youth classes, your age on January 1 applies for the whole year.  For example, a 15-year-old who turns 16 on March 1 can still race the 85 12-15 class for the entire season (because he was 15 on January 1).  We’d consider him “AMA 15”.
However, once you move up to the next age level class, you cannot move back down. Example: If a 6-year-old enters the 50cc 7-8 year old class, she is then considered Age 7 and cannot go back to a 6-year-old class.

For Vet classes, your age on race day applies. You can ride a class as soon as you become eligible, but not before.


Please check each race weekend’s link to be sure ATVs classes are offered!  There are no ATV classes at Area or Regional Qualifiers or at the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross weekend in July.  In addition, we don’t have ATV classes when an ATV State Championship event is happening at another Michigan track.

For regular district races at RedBud, mini quads race on the 50 track, and there’s one combined moto for Schoolboy and up classes on the big track.
See the District 14 ATV page for classes and rules.