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2012 Race Schedule
April 1 - Open Riding
April 7 - Open Riding
April 21/22 - Amateur MX

May 12/13 - Amateur MX

May 18 - SUNSET RIDGE ATV Racer Practice
May 19/20 - SUNSET RIDGE ATV National MX
(these events are NOT at RedBud)
TORC Series Truck Racing
May 26/27
(Rain date: 28th)
June 1 - Racer practice
June 2/3
- Loretta Lynn's
Amateur Regional Qualifier

July 5 - practice on pro track
July 6
- day race on pro track
July 6
- night race

July 7 - Lucas Oil National MX Series, Round 6!

July 7 - night race
July 8
- day race on pro track

July 27 - ATV Racer Practice
July 28/29
- ATV National MX
August 10 - Vet Racer Practice
August 11
- VetFest MX
August 18/19 - Amateur MX
September 3 - Open Riding
Sept 22/23 - Fall Classic MX
September 30 - Open Riding
October 13 - Open RIding on pro track
October 14 - Grass Race MX
October 28 - Open Riding

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Loretta Lynns Amateur Regional Qualifier (Mideast Region)

June 1/2/3, 2012 - Most information should stay the same, but please check back for updates for the 2012 event!

RedBud is in the EASTERN TIME ZONE.

Gates open Thursday (May 31) at 4pm and stay open all weekend, including overnight Thu-Fri-Sat nights.

Only those riders who entered a Mideast Region Area Qualifier can enter this event.  You can only enter the class(es) you entered at a Mideast Area Qualifier.


Alternates should register as soon as possible at the event.  Alternates can ride Friday practice.  Alternates will be placed after registration closes on Saturday morning and refunds will be given to those who do not get to race.  We have 41 starting gates.  If there are less than 41 qualified entries in a class, we will take alternates up to a total of 41 entries.  We will not take a 42nd entry to cause qualifiers.  If there are over 41 qualified entries in a class, we will take alternates up to a total of 64 entries in a class.

This is a two-day event.  All classes will race both Saturday and Sunday. There will likely be qualifiers in your class.  Your qualifier position counts as your first moto score. There will be a last chance qualifier (consi) in all qualifier classes. 

RedBud accepts cash, Visa or Mastercard at the front gate and signup. No checks, please.

Thursday, May 31
Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun Gate fee $40 (age 12 & up), $20 (age 6-11).

Please note:
1) Track entrance is on a 55mph county road with very little shoulder. 
2) Our neighbor isn’t very motocross-friendly. 
3) There are No Parking signs posted near the entrance and the Sheriffs Department will issue tickets if you park there. 
Bottom line – please don’t come early!  We can’t open until 4pm when staff is scheduled to arrive.

Registration will open Thursday at 7pm. 

Friday, June 1
Fri/Sat/Sun Gate fee $35 (age 12 & up),$20 (age 6-11).
Practice fee $30/group - 4 rotations for each group.
Race fee $50/class.  Note:  this does not include the MX Sports class fees.

Registration opens at 9am.
(Optional) Racer Practice at noon.

Saturday, June 2
Sat/Sun Gate fee $30 (age 12 & up), $15 (age 6-11). 
Race fee $50/class.  Note: this does not include the MX Sports class fee(s).

Registration from 7am – 9:00am.  When registration closes, alternates will be placed according to the order provided by MX Sports. 

Practice at 9am; racing immediately following practice.

Sunday, June 3
Sunday Gate fee $10 (age 12 & up), $5 (age 6-11).

Brief practice at 8am; racing immediately following practice.

For complete information on classes, regions, qualifier schedules, rules, etc., check



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