What is the VetFest?

It’s a fun weekend of motocross with a retro, no pressure vibe.  It includes Friday practice and Saturday race classes for adult riders only, starting at 18 Plus and going up to 70 Plus!  There are “A”, “B” and Novice divisions through age 45.  We see lots of “used-to-race” and “once-a-year” racers at this event.  Here’s a link to the 2021 VETFEST RESULTS, if you’d like to check out the classes.  Don’t miss the Friday night steak dinner at the pavilion!  Get your tickets Friday morning at the concession stand.



Gate Hours and Prices

Gates open Thursday at 6pm and stay open through the Saturday event, including overnights.

You can pull into the lanes and wait as early as 5pm Thursday, but please don’t park on the shoulder of Red Bud Trail!

You pay a gate fee ONE time; your wristband is good for the entire event.  There’s no camping fee, no reservation needed.  Primitive camping; no hookups, but plenty of water fill stations available, as well as a large bike wash area (byo power washer).

Daily Gate Fees (all riders, and spectators age 12 & up)

$35 | Thursday through Saturday
$30 | Friday/Saturday
$15 | Saturday only

Daily prices last until 6am the following morning.  That is, Friday at 5am ticket price is $35; the price changes to $30 at 6am.

CAMPING is available Thursday and Friday nights.  We have not found anyone to remain at the track to stay open for Saturday night camping, but will continue to look.

Online Registration is open.
Entry fee is $10 more per class if you register at the track!

Don’t pay extra; please sign up online and let your friends know to do the same.
Online entry fees: $45 for “A” classes, $40 for all others
At-the-track entry fees: $55 for “A” classes, $50 for all others


Registration/Check-in Hours at the track

Check in at the track to get practice stickers.

Friday 9am – 5pm
Saturday 7am

Practice & Racing Schedule

Friday Practice starts at noon; 3 rounds.
Saturday Practice starts at 9am with racing immediately following.

No memberships required for this event.  Transponder scoring by LapTimes USA; transponder fee is included in your entry fee; a credit card is required for security deposit.  Pick up your transponder BEFORE you get in the signup line (from the red trailer directly behind registration).

Practice & Race Fees

Race entry fee includes transponder rental and live timing and scoring.

$35 | Friday practice – 3 rotations
$45 | “A” Classes (cash/check payback)
$40 | all other classes (plaques)

Cash and credit cards accepted at registration.

Friday Practice starts at NOON!

Tentative Practice Order / 3 rotations

Group 1 | 18+ Novice, 30+ Novice
Group 2 | 18+ B, 25+ A, 30+ A
Group 3 | 45+ A, 45+ B, 60+
Group 4 | Women, 40+ Novice, 45+ Novice
Group 5 | 18+ A, 30+ A, 30+ B
Group 6 | 40+ A, 50+ A, 50+ B
Group 7 | 25+ Novice, 35+ Novice
Group 8 | 40+ B, 55+, 65+, 70+
Group 9 | 25+ B, 35+ B

Saturday Race Classes

Age | Classes

…..  | *Warrior (US Military Veterans, open to all ages and skill levels)
18+ | A, B, Novice, Women, Two-Stroke
25+ | A, B, Novice
30+ | A, B, Novice
35+ | A, B, Novice
40+ | A, B, Novice
45+ | A, B, Novice
50+ | A, B

*This is not a D14 Warrior Series points race, but it’s usually a big class at VetFest!

Vet Series

This event is part of a 5-race series.  See mxvets.com for series info.

If you want series points, you must enter an A or B class.
If you’re a novice who doesn’t care about points, you can enter a Novice class.

We pay race day awards (plaques or checks) in all classes.

RedBud Physical Address:

13638 Redbud Trail North, Buchanan, MI 49107
Phone: 269-695-6405